Fun D-I-Y Gifts

Anthropologie has so many cool gifts that could also easily be D-I-Y, if you are so inclined (which generally I am NOT).

First, these Celebration Jars could be tailored to almost any recipient or occasion and are cutely packaged in a mason jar. Love those felt crowns! Kids could also even make these as a D-I-Y favor at a birthday party.

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This would take a bit more work (instructions here), but Surprise Balls are also a lot of fun, especially if the trinkets inside were extra sparkly. Before and after shots shown below.



This is a set of small gifts, one for each day of the recipient’s birthday week. Fun!

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How about this sweet little mouse? She could be made in a re-purposed Altoids tin.

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More ideas for a re-purposed tin are here.

Happy crafting! Send me some completed projects, please. 😉 


Personalized Books

Are you looking for a great gift for a kid?

These personalized books are really cool.


After entering a few details about the child’s life (age, gender, names of family members, etc), a personalized book can be created.

Trixie got this book for Christmas last year, and it’s a hit:


The message is very sweet and the kids love seeing the names of family members throughout the book.

If you’re not in the market for reading material, they also sell personalized placemats, growth charts, stickers and other fun items.

P.S. Sign up for their website and you can get 10% off an order.