Goals and Objectives

As I scrambled around this past week trying to keep my head just ever-so-slightly above water, I got an email from my daughter’s Junior Kindergarten teachers with an update of what the class is currently learning.

Here it is:

This month we will continue to focus on graphing and learning shape words.  We will continue learning about Living and Non-Living Things.

During the week we will focus on the letter Qq. We will explore words beginning with “Q” as well as the “Q” sound. We will also be covering the number 16,color Hot Pink, and the parallelogram. Our sight word of the week is: It.

I immediately wished that this was my own To Do List, but then I realized that for Trixie, this is probably just as challenging as performing an extensive robotic myomectomy, which is a complex type of surgery that I do often.

It’s all relative and a good reminder of perspective.