Platform Sandals

Ring, ring! The 90s called and they want their sandals back.

Platform sandals seem to be everywhere for spring/summer ’15.

Here’s the Nordstrom shoe department yesterday:

IMG_6107 IMG_6108 IMG_6109 IMG_6110

The first pic of black platforms reminds me so much of my friend and ex-roommate S’s chunky Steve Maddens from 1994 that I can’t stand it.

(By “can’t stand it” I mean that I pre-ordered them for purchase during the Nordstrom Triple Point event happing March 18-22. They’re going to send them to me. Thank you, Nordstrom!)

The second pic is a pair of platform Tevas. Yes, Tevas. 

The others are Topshop for Nordstrom.

Here’s a J. Crew version:


Would you try these? Obviously I’m biting.

One More Thing, #14

Ugh. This No Online Shopping in 2014 Resolution is (figuratively) killing me. 

Last week I fell in love with the most perfect leather tote bag from Stanley and Sons, a smallish brand made in New York.

Here it is:


The size is generous and the riveted construction is superb. It’s not flashy at all. Truly, it’s perfect.

The bag’s style also has a similar vibe as the world’s best flip-flops, which come from the cool Abejas boutique in Houston.


I wish I had them in every color!