Beep Baseball

Earlier this week, I saw a something surprising and totally inspirational: a team of blind baseball players.

Turns out, the Beep Baseball World Series was being held in my town.

Beep baseball is an adaptive sport for visually impaired athletes that utilizes a beeping ball and buzzing bases to help players locate when to swing or catch, or which direction to run. A sighted pitcher and catcher assist on each team. The rules vary from regular baseball and are explained here.

The team I saw was walking downtown and looked like they’d just finished a game. Spirits were high, so I’m hoping they were victorious.

One guy in particular seemed to be┬áhaving a blast and wore a tie-dyed shirt that read, “Loss of sight, not loss of Vision.”

I loved that.

I hope his team swept the Series.


One More Thing, #19

Yesterday I posted a picture of an inspirational t shirt I bought from Fellow Flowers.

Yet I neglected to mention this: They also had shirts in kid sizes.

To be more specific, girl sizes.

I bought this for Trixie:


I usually don’t get too worked up with stuff like this (Hear me roar!), but something happened over the weekend that really brought this message home.

I had just finished running nearly 20 miles of races over two days and headed back to my hotel for a much-needed shower and an obligatory nap.

When I got there, I discovered that the resort was also hosting a “modeling competition.”

There were hundreds of coltish, teenaged (Pre-teen? I can’t even tell anymore) waifs tottering about in shoes that they had no business wearing.

And I felt sad.

The dichotomy of going from one event that was so empowering to one that seemed to be the polar opposite was hard to handle.

I’m going to make Trixie wear this shirt until it’s in tatters.