Stitch Fix #21

I was stalking my Stitch Fix order online, so I was excited to rush home last night to check my doorstep.

Bam! Delivered.


Stitch Fix has an app that lets you preview your box, but I never, ever peek. I love the element of surprise.

However, I *did* observe on the tracking notice that my package only weighed 3 lbs, which meant that there were probably no shoes included.

I’ve received some cute shoes from Stitch Fix before, but I’m ok with skipping them, too.

Here’s a first look:


Right away I could see fall colors and some floral prints. In the end, I lovingly dubbed this the Fall Floral Overload Fix.

I’m going to start with Floral #1:

This is a mixed fabric top that has sweater-like fabric on the front, whereas the back is a floaty floral print. I like the gold zipper detail on the back.

Stitch Fix describes this as the Apricot “Mindee Mixed Material Raglan Knit Tee,” and full price was listed as $58. This was also the $58 dollar Fix, as 4/5 items were listed at that exact price point. The included styling cards showed this top with jeans, leopard print mules and a bomber jacket for one look, as well as with black leggings, a leather backpack and sneakers as another way to wear it.

I had Pinned this top, so I was excited to see it. The fit was good, so it quickly went into the Keep pile.

This plaid shirt was next:

Sigh. My usual photography problems are omnipresent, but this Statement “Athenia Button Back Top” is navy blue with electric blue, red and white mixed plaid. The backside has buttons down the middle, hence the name. I rarely wear plaid shirts; nothing against them but they are not really my style. One thing I like about Stitch Fix is that it can introduce me to new pieces I wouldn’t have gravitated to on my own, and I’d put this squarely in that category. Price, you ask? $58. Stitch Fix’s styling cards were pretty boring with this. It was shown with jeans and booties twice.

Ok, Floral #2:

Another floral mixed media top. Another 41 Hawthorn piece. Another $58 item. This is the 41 Hawthorn “Dido Mixed Print Knit Top.” The front is a silky t-shirt material and the back is the same floaty fabric (polyester, I think) as Floral #1. The front is gray and the floral has a dark green (deep forest) background with a quartz pink print.

Here’s a close up of the print:


The style cards basically put together the same looks as for Floral Top #1, and they even used the same jeans/bomber combo for one and the same leggings for the other. Well, now I know what to do.

Breaking up the florals, we turn to the final $58 item:


This is the 41 Hawthorn “Nio Pullover Sweater.” The collar is an oatmeal color, the body and cuffs are gray, and the sleeves are deep navy blue.


There’s a lot going on, but it works. This is very, very similar to a lot of things I already own, but I own them for a reason – namely I like stuff like this a lot. Winner.

I saved the best for last. Item #5 and Floral #3.


This is the 41 Hawthorn “Cristen Shirt Dress.” I’d seen this on another blog and absolutely loved it. I Pinned it and hoped there was a chance for it to show up, so I was beyond excited when it did. The price is listed as $78, which I think is extremely fair. The quality is higher than some Stitch Fix pieces I have received.

As for the style, it is a flattering shirtdress that could be worn many ways. The style cards paired this with blush heels and a matching handbag, as well as a light colored trench coat. That combo would look great in April but probably won’t cut it for fall, so I will probably go the tights/booties route.

Here are a few close ups of the fabric:


I was photobombed at this point.

I liked this Fix a lot, so I kept it all for $212.50.

While I’m probably set for floral pieces for a while, I have very few similar things in my closet so these were great choices from my stylist.






July Stitch Fix Review

Oh, Stitch Fix, I can’t seem to quit you.

After a disappointing shipment in May, I was almost ready to break up with Stitch Fix for good.

And yet I didn’t.

When a new box arrived two weeks ago, I was cautiously optimistic.

This Fix contained a sleeveless shirt, a tee, a 3/4 sleeve shirt (hitting almost all of the shirt types!), a pair of jeans and – inexplicably for summer – a pair of suede booties.

Sidenote: Trixie (8) helped with the photography, so apologies in advance.

This 3/4 sleeve knit top was something I’d pinned, so I was happy to see it in my Fix.

Slightly blurry, but you get the gist:

I liked the pink pocket and trim. Keeper.

This tee was also something I’d pinned:

It’s a basic, thin white tee with embroidery. Here’s a close up of the writing:

I’m a sucker for inspirational tees. Another keeper. Unfortunately, the material is so thin that I noticed a tiny hole had already formed after being washed only a few times. I’m telling myself it adds character.

The sleeveless top was a sleeper hit.

The color is what makes this top. It doesn’t show well in the pictures, but it’s a muted blue-green, basically the color of an egg from a fancy chicken.

Here it is:

And on me:

Let me stop right here and confess that it took me two weeks to put this post together because I really hesitated about posting photos of myself without a drop of makeup and posing in my bathroom. This is the opposite of Fancy. I was excited about my Stitch Fix box and jumped into trying everything on when it arrived, and I did not stop to think about the visuals, so here we are.

I absolutely love the color of the shirt. In the pictures, I can see the fit is a bit blousy, but meh. I kept it.

The next thing in the box was yet another pair of skinny jeans.

I’m actually wearing them in the photos above. They were ok, but I really don’t need another pair of skinny jeans in July, so I sent them back.

Ditto these suede boots:

I like boots. I like suede. I like the caramel color. The fit was fine.

But I really didn’t need another pair of boots in July when I already have something very, very similar in my closet.

Summary: This Fix was definitely more successful than the last one. I kept all three of the tops and liked the other picks, but they weren’t right for the season.

And as I checked out, I saw that my next Fix is scheduled soon…



A Disappointing Stitch Fix

Last Friday, I was thrilled to find a new Stitch Fix waiting for me on my front doorstep when I came home from work.


This quickly turned to disappointment when I opened the box and saw that half of it was occupied by this bag:

Officially, this is called the “Emma Satchel” from Fossil and full retail price is $188, which is also what was listed as the cost by Stitch Fix.

I hated this bag. Immediately.

I hadn’t even looked at the price before I knew I hated it, and when I read the styling note, I was surprised to find out it was leather. It looked like pleather; this was definitely a cheap looking bag.

The contrast stitching was ugly and the bag did not seem well constructed. Also, Fossil is not a brand I would normally buy, although I can’t really explain why other than there are a million other brands out there that I like better. It feels more like a tween or teen brand to me, but I am willing to be wrong on this.

Regardless, this bag was NOT for me and I already knew that I would be sending items back.

Next up:


Objectively, this Market and Spruce blouse is not hideous. Here is a close up of the bird print:


Subjectively, this blouse is almost exactly like at least 5 other tops I have received from Stitch Fix, so it didn’t feel like a fresh wardrobe choice at all. As I recently posted, I am leaning toward modern silhouettes lately, and this did not fit the bill.

Decision made to send it back.

Same problem here:

This was a flowy navy print tank top. Two years ago, I would have kept it. Now, not so much.

Back it went.

This was the hardest decision:


This is a knit top with a sweater-y material for the body and jersey (very soft) sleeves. The color is brick red.

Somehow I missed the elbow patch details the first time around:


Out of everything in this Fix, this was the piece I liked the most. It was priced at $54, but with my $20 use-it-or-lose it styling credit, it would have been $34. In the end, I was so irritated with this Fix that I packed it all up and sent it back (spoiler!), but there were points between sealing the envelope and mailing it that I contemplated keeping this top.

Here was the decision maker:


These jeans.

I don’t even know where to begin.

If I hated the Fossil bag, I *despised* these jeans with the heat of a thousand white suns.

These Liverpool distressed jeans are very similar to at least two pairs of jeans I have received, as well as a pair of jean shorts (which I surprised myself by loving).

Except: these jeans have a horrible, horrible wide leg capri cut. 

They are extremely similar to this, minus the distressed bits:


These take Mom Jeans to a new, hideous level.


The decision making for this Fix was my fastest ever. I was annoyed to the point of anger and had everything packed back in the return envelope within 20 minutes. Spouse even dropped it off at the Post Office the next morning to figuratively take out the garbage ASAP.

Sigh. So disappointing.













March Stitch Fix

I was excited – as always – to find my Stitch Fix box waiting on the doorstep for me when I arrived home Friday night. Despite the box being covered in a dusting of fresh snow, I was eager to dive in.

Spoiler alert: This was my favorite Fix to date. 

Even if this had been the only item I received, I still would consider this my best Fix yet, because the first thing I pulled out of the box was just so good.


I’d seen someone wearing this Pixley “Kendari” faux suede jacket a few weeks ago and gushed about how much I loved it. When she told me she’d received it from Stitch Fix, I shamelessly asked to see the tag so I could note the brand and make a specific request for this jacket.

When I discovered one of my own in the Fix, I was beyond delighted. 

This moto jacket is incredibly soft and the fit is great. The above picture does not do the color justice; it’s really fawn-like and has blush undertones. It is perfect for spring and I can’t wait to wear it.

Here are the stylist’s comments about the coat:

I saw your request to see the Pixley faux suede Moto jacket in this Fix, and I’m thrilled to tell you that we had one in stock to send you! It’s such a popular item and it’s been flying off the shelves this season! Pair it with your favorite jeans and a t-shirt or layer it over a casual dress for a chic look that’s perfect for work or weekend.

I love how it’s shown on the styling cards:


You can also get a better sense of the color from the image above. Isn’t this pretty?

Total win! Possibly my favorite Stitch Fix item ever.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I discovered that the next thing in the box was the Loveappella “Dawnty” pullover, another item I had seen on Stitch Fix review blogs and had Pinned with a comment that I’d love to get it.


Although it looks like a sweatshirt, it’s not. The material is more like a thin, soft sweater. The teal accents are what sealed the deal for me.


Here’s how it was styled by the Stitch Fix team:


I loved this so much that I wore it the day after I got it.

Next up: the Honey Punch “Novah” elbow patch textured cardigan.


This is a very soft off-white cardigan with fabric that reminds me of a thermal knit. The elbow patches provide contrast and are faux suede:


One problem that I had with the elbow patches was that the stitching was loose. I had to cut some threads off of each side.


Still, I like the style and this is a cozy piece that I will likely reach for often. I absolutely love how it is styled below and plan to wear it with a chambray shirt and booties, as shown on the right.


The final piece of clothing was this Market & Spruce “Austin” polka dot and striped shirt:


Here’s the back:


This definitely falls under the umbrella of My Style, so I think it was a good pick from my Stylist. I think it suffered in comparison to the other clothing pieces in the box, since I liked them more. Overall, though, this is ok and I will wear it when the weather gets warmer.

The last thing I received was an accessory, which is unusual for me to get in a Fix. This was the Bay to Baubles “Matt” teardrop necklace. 

Initially, I was not wowed by this necklace, but I also didn’t notice the tiny rhinestone details until I took it out of the box to photograph it. This considerably upped my interest, and I also realized I have very few silver necklaces that are long enough to layer. This piece is growing on me. (Sorry, no styling cards provided for this).


Final detail: the Keep It All price for this Fix was $185, which is one of the lowest I’ve had in a long time. It was a total no brainer to say yes.

Best Fix yet.





Stitch Fix Review – January 2017

The new year’s off to a good start, especially when I came home to find Stitch Fix #16 waiting for me.


Not my Fix

The above picture is not really related to Stitch Fix, but Trixie insisted on taking it before we opened the box together.


At first I thought Stitch Fix changed their packaging but the gold sticker indicated this was a “Holiday Fix.” They must have had leftover tissue paper from December lying around because this solidly arrived in January.

For Fix #16, I received a sweater, a blouse, a knit top, a bracelet and a pair of ankle length jeans. Typing that sentence made me realize there was a decent variety of wardrobe options in this Fix.

First up: the bracelet.

About ten years ago Spouse and I were in New York City and I saw a similar handmade bracelet at an arty sidewalk sale in SoHo. I didn’t spring for it at the time and regretted it later. I had apparently pinned this bracelet to my Stitch Fix Ideas board (totally forgot), and the notes in the Fix from my stylist said that she was happy to be able to find it for me. I like it, even if I forgot about the pin. The retail was $32.

Next, this sweater caught my attention:


This is a really chunky gray turtleneck tunic. It’s very oversized. I could have easily sized down in this sweater but it’s so cold here right now that all I want is warmth and comfort, so this checks those boxes. And I love gray.

I really liked this blouse:


Here’s a close up of the print:


I’m not sure what these are. Feathers? Dandelions?

I tried to get Trixie (7) to take a picture of me, but that proved to be a fail. Then I tried to take one on my own, which was also a Big Fail.


Mostly I was concentrating on not dropping my phone. This blouse is sort of boxy so I was also focusing on gathering the fabric in the back. This was also largely unsuccessful.

Initially I wasn’t too impressed with these jeans:


It seems like lately I’ve been getting jeans in nearly every Fix, and my jean situation is pretty complete at this point. These were also similar to a pair I received last spring or summer in regards to the cut, wash and length (ankle, my favorite). The major difference with these, though, is that they have much less stretch than the pair I previously received, which is a good thing. My old pair has a great fit for the first few hours but has so much stretch that by the end of the day, I can pull them off without even unzipping. I wore these straight out of the box around my house on Sunday and they were a tad big but overall satisfactory. I’m hoping they’ll shrink in the wash.

The last item was my favorite, this striped red top:


I can’t resist a striped shirt, and red is a color I’ve been digging lately. Here’s another terrible stab at capturing the look:


In the end, my favorite two pieces were the blouse ($68) and the striped tee ($48). Keeping the whole box was $215 (with the discount for buying it all), which was almost exactly $100 more than keeping just the two pieces I loved the most. For roughly $33 each, I thought the bracelet, jeans and sweater were worth it, so I kept the entire box.

This Fix was a win.







Stitch Fix November 2016

My latest Stitch Fix box arrived the night before I left for Las Vegas.

I was extremely busy that night trying to pack and get everything organized, but of course I dropped everything and ripped into that box once it hit my doorstep.


The unboxing revealed a pair of shoes (the tan and blue bag is a dead giveaway) and a soft package of clothes.


Ok, let’s talk about the shoes first. 

These Diba Tango Fringe sandals were pinned to my Stitch Fix board, so I can see why they were included.


Except … I pinned them because I thought they were red. They are not. They’re burnt orange.

I was also concerned because they seemed like shoes that had been sent out and sent back to Stitch Fix multiple times. The tag was distressed.


They were really comfortable when I tried them on. The price to keep was $79, which initially I thought was fair (see below for update).

The shoes also went well with this Pixley Nelda halter top:


This was a fun, bright orange print. I liked it and overall, it was kind of my style. The major issue was that it was way too big; even though it is meant to be a flowy top, it was just too billow-y.

The next item was a pair of Just Black Adorra skinny jeans in olive, a color I am really digging lately. 


I liked these and tried them on with the halter top and sandals:


I had mentioned in my styling notes that I am going to Hawaii in a few weeks (true!), and this was suggested as an outfit. I can get where the stylist was going with this, and for a few moments I contemplated being on board.

Next up was this pair of jean shorts, which was a complete miss on every level:


I hated these. They looked like Mom Jeans. Yuck.

The final item was a Market and Spruce asymmetrical hem sweater:


Ok, I am a sucker for gray sweaters. I own an embarrassing number of them, but I wear them. All the time. This was love at first sight.

At this point, Stitch Fix math started to kick in. What if I kept it all? At $233, it wasn’t a bad tally. The sandals were a different color than I expected, but they were comfortable. I liked the orange top and debated wearing it with a tank underneath. I already knew I wanted the olive jeans and the sweater.

In the end, it was the shorts that were the deciding factor.

I really hated those shorts.

Once I decided to send back the shorts, I realized that the top did not fit and needed to go. The sandals started to seem less fun now that I was sending half of the Fix back, and I decided to toss them into the return envelope, too. As I was researching this post, I discovered that they were on sale for $19.99 at multiple sites, including Sears.  This completely confirmed that I’d made the right decision.

Overall, I liked this Fix. The shorts were a swing and a miss, but everything else was a reasonable pick and I’m happy with the two items I kept.












Fall Stitch Fix

This was waiting for me when I got home from running errands on Saturday:

img_0785 img_0786


Let’s dig in, shall we?

Ok, I’m starting with my favorite item, this striped Pixley shirt with faux leather elbow patches.


This was probably a no-brainer pick for my stylist; it’s so up my alley that of course I love it. Mine.


I’d pinned this Loveappella cowl neck sweater to my Stitch Fix Pinterest page, so this was something I was happy to discover in the box. The color is olive-ish. It doesn’t look like much in the picture, but it’s cute when on and the fit is perfect.


I don’t have too much to say about these Mavi skinny jeans. They’re skinny jeans. They fit. They’re soft.

Ok, I’m on the fence about the last two items. At first glance, neither tripped my trigger.

The first is this big square scarf in a washed-out yellow and blue plaid. The colors photographed better than they look; I’d describe the yellow as maize. It reminds me of uncooked corn on the cob. The blues are also quite faded. It’s not really me.


Yeah, I don’t iron. Even for photos.


This jacket puzzled me:


The cargo style is on trend, and the fabric is washed and quite soft. I already have a mossy brown J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket that I adore, but recently I’ve browsed several similar cargo-style jackets in charcoal gray that are seemingly ubiquitous right now. So, when I saw this in the box, I was excited. And I thought it was charcoal gray, when it’s actually a faded navy.

Here’s the strange part: when I tried the jacket on I saw that the lining under the zipper area was ripped and pilled. I found myself wondering if the jacket was used. The fabric clearly seems washed and faded, which I assumed was part of how it was made, but the shabby quality of the front placket took the concept of distressing to a new level. Maybe someone else wore, washed, re-tagged and returned this?

I’m wearing everything except the cowl neck sweater in this photo:


Overall, this Fix was ok.

The striped shirt is cool (but I have a million); ditto the cowl neck sweater. The jeans fit (and I recently have been working out a lot and could use a new slimmer pair), the possibly-second-hand jacket is stylish and priced well ($88 full price but roughly $60 if I take the 20% buy-it-all discount), and the scarf is just meh but it’s definitely not something I already have in my closet.

What do you think?




Stitch Fix Hits

I still didn’t find the nerve to break up with Stitch Fix.

We’ve had some good moments over the past few months.

Here are the highlights:

I was excited when Stitch Fix announced that they were adding shoes. I’ve received two pairs so far, and both were winners. The pair on the left is from Gentle Souls, while the D’ Orsay flats on the right are DV8. Both have seen a decent amount of wear this summer.


Yes, terrible photography is back

For my most recent Fix, I asked for a breezy white blouse and my stylist delivered with this Brixon Ivy piece. I love the fit and fabric; I just wish I had a laid-back tropical vacation to go with it.

Here’s a close-up of the lace detail on the sleeve:


Yes, that is my disastrous closet in the background

Next up: two elephant pieces.

The first is a blouse that’s in my regular work rotation, and the second is an infinity scarf with pink pachyderms.

A close up of the print:


This last item was my favorite. It’s a striped Lemon Tart sweater with faux suede elbow patches:


This came with me to Chicago for a trip earlier in the summer, and the nights were cool enough to wear a sweater. I styled it with a J. Crew polka dot scarf (similar) like this:


I haven’t added anything to my fall wardrobe (yet), so this I plan to keep this look going for the next several months.

Stitch Fix #9

Ok, last week I wrote about how I thought Stitch Fix had jumped the shark and I was seriously contemplating a break up.

And then a new box arrived on my doorstep and it was all “Reunited” by Peaches and Herb. 

Reunited and it feels so good
Reunited ’cause we understood
There’s one perfect fit
And, sugar, this one is it
We both are so excited ’cause we’re reunited, hey, hey

Unboxing photo #1:


All I could see was a dark blob…

which turned out to be this jacket:

FullSizeRender-6 FullSizeRender-5

This Tart Hala Wrap Jacket is made of supremely soft fleece, and basically it is right up my alley, style-wise.

The fit was like a cozy robe, but in the best possible way. It was also mightily similar in fit to the M.M. LaFleur Morandi sweater I happened to be wearing at the time, and I love that sweater. Good pick, Stitch Fix, good pick.

Next up: this Market & Spruce Fierro Elbow Patch Crew Neck Sweater.


This is a basic black crew neck sweater with gray elbow patches.

I’d been pinning a lot of elbow patch sweaters to my Stitch Fix style board, so this was another good choice from my stylist. It’s minimalist. It’s modern. I loved it.

Item #3 was a pair of Gorjana earrings:


These are described as “Heather Hammered Bar Drop Earrings.” I don’t have anything similar, so I like them. At $34, they’re also not too spendy.

I didn’t know how to feel about the next piece, these jeans:


At first I couldn’t figure out what color these Level 99 Giovanni Straight Leg Jeans were. Green? Gray? Faded black? The stylist’s note said they were gray.

Ok, let’s go with that.

I don’t have any gray jeans and the fit was alright, so I was on the fence.

This shirt was piece #5:

FullSizeRender-8 FullSizeRender-3

As soon as I saw this Papermoon Tigard Lace Back Knit Top, I hated it. The tag says this was made for Stitch Fix.

This just looked so cheap. The striped fabric is henley material and the back has an internal lace layer with a shorter back. The colors are faded browns. Blech.

And yet…

I tried it on, and it wasn’t terrible. The stretchy fabric was soft and the muted colors actually looked good with the sweater I was wearing. While I would never pick this out in a store, I am contemplating keeping it for the buy-it-all Stitch Fix discount.


And now for some Stitch Fix math:

  • I like the Tart jacket ($98) and the crew neck sweater ($58) = $156
  • The earrings ($34) are also pretty cool. $156 + $34 = $190
  • The jeans are listed at $98 and the knit top is $58
  • Retail for everything is $346, but the Buy 5 Discount subtracts $86.50 and the Styling Fee credit is $20, so the total to keep it all is $239.50.

I’m not sure I’m feeling Fix #9 to the tune of $239.50, but I am definitely interested in the jacket, sweater and earrings.

And overall, this Fix was the best one in months. A big Note to Self is that I need to keep pinning more things I like to my Pinterest style board, which I think made all the difference.

Are you still into Stitch Fix?









Stitch Fix #8

After disappointment with Stitch Fix #7, I wasn’t sure how Numero Ocho would pan out.


First glance at unboxing showed a lot of promise:


Lots of green and blue

As a sidenote, I’d also just received a dress from Banana Republic that I was banking on being something I could take on our upcoming trip to Alaska. I have one M.M. LaFleur dress (this one) that I’m bringing, and I was hoping to get away with just one other dress for the trip. When this one arrived, though, it was just wrong, wrong, wrong. So I was really praying that Stitch Fix had sent me a usable dress for the trip.

First item up:


A dress! Score! This navy blue Donna Morgan dress was definitely my style.

Here’s a close up of the fabric:


The only potential problems I saw with the dress were the possibility of wrinkles and the price, which was $158 (more on that later).

The second thing I discovered in the box was this Skies are Blue plaid shirt:


This was a cute shirt. The colors are pink, green and navy. It’s made of 100% cotton but feels more like linen, and the construction is two-layered. I almost thought it was reversible until I realized it was two layers of very thin fabric – something that actually resembled cheesecloth – sewn together. The major issue was that the arms were too tight, which was depressing.

Next up: this green open cardigan.


This was ok, but not a real style risk. I liked the color and while I have a lot of cardigans – some even nearly identical in style – I don’t have anything that’s quite this shade of green in my closet. It was a possibility.

The last clothing piece was a striped t shirt:


Now, I definitely love a striped shirt. I thought that this would be a match made in heaven. It was ok, but oddly enough, it felt matronly (a look I am not going for) when I tried it on.

The final item in the Fix was this necklace:


I hated this! I didn’t even take it out of the box. It looked cheap and you can see the “Made in China” tag in the photo above. Ick.

With the plaid shirt that didn’t fit and the hideous necklace, it was clear that I would be sending stuff back.

And that’s where Stitch Fix Math kicked in: it just doesn’t make sense to pay full retail for anything they send except for items I absolutely love.

Back went the t shirt.

Back went the dress.

Last Fix I didn’t keep anything and lost my $20 styling fee.

This time I decided to bite on the cardigan, which ended up being $48 – $20 styling fee = $28, a price I liked.

I’m still waffling on whether to continue with Stitch Fix or not. From reading other blogs and my friends’ experiences, I think there may be an arc to a Stitch Fix relationship, and I may be past the curve on the downside.