Style Staples, #3, Classic Jewelry Wardrobe

While I have a lot of costume jewelry (the urge to resist anything sparkly is so, so difficult for me), I also have a few simpler, classic pieces that I wear often.

Like this David Yurman necklace that I received as a Mother’s Day gift a few years ago:


I love, love, love this look because it has a single gold link mixed with sterling silver, making it incredibly versatile. I probably wear this four times a week and when it’s on, I don’t even bother taking it off when I work out, shower, etc. It’s really durable. (Sadly, I’m not sure if this is still available at David Yurman, because I couldn’t find it on their website when I tried to add the link. They do have similar versions that are all silver or alternating gold-and-silver).

The first really nice jewelry that I bought for myself – now almost 13 years ago – was a pair of diamond stud earrings. I rarely take them out of my ears, even to sleep. They go with everything! Really. This is a great investment that has amortized well over time. Size matters; buy the biggest stones you can get for your budget. Quality matters less here than for, say, an engagement ring. For your ears, you want flash. 

I also mix up what I wear on my wrist, but there’s almost always my watch and a bracelet or two (or six). Like these:



Except, scratch that.  The first bracelet went AWOL about two months ago.

I last remember wearing it right around my birthday at the end of January, and then the next thing I knew, it was missing when I went to pack for a trip in the first half of February.

Where did it go and when did it take off?

When you wear something often but not every day, it’s really hard to tell.

I know I had it on my birthday, a hectic day  in the OR that left me frazzled. Did I accidentally leave my locker door ajar and it was stolen? (It’s happened before). Did Trixie take it like a magpie, treasuring it away amidst her trove of My Little Ponies and other assorted Disney/Barbie/Random Princess detritus? Did our recently departed nanny take it as a parting gift?

Or did I lose it like the disorganized mess that at my core, I basically am?

Ripping apart Fancy Pants Ranch, my office, and inquiries in the lost-and-found at the gym have all proven fruitless, so I’m resigned to either go without or find a replacement.

Naturally, I like plan B better.

While I really just want my old bracelet back, this caught my eye:



I like the cool black stones and this would leave me with something different if my lost bracelet suddenly turned up.

This fun and more affordable collection from David Yurman is also getting a lot of attention:



These colorful bracelets are made from aluminum – not precious metals – and retail for $350 each. I’d like to check them out in person. Choosing just one color would be tough, though.





Other Button Down Shirts

I can’t resist posting some other great shirts I found while scouting the White Shirt post from yesterday.

Bumblebees (a weakness of mine) and hearts from C. Wonder:

9704_461_1 9159_6183_1

Fun and British-y prints from Boden:


C. Wonder again:


And again (not a button down, but I digress):


And, oh, wow, this one from Thomas Pink:



Click through to see a close-up. This is awesome.

Style Staples, #2

Any list of Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials includes a crisp white shirt.

I don’t disagree that this is a style staple; I just don’t wear them often.

Why not? Well, frankly, I spill a lot. I refuse to iron. I have PTSD from wearing a thin white blouse as part of a school uniform in high school and freezing through four years of Wisconsin winters.

But when I see a pulled together, stylish person wearing a white shirt, I have to admit it looks pretty classy. It’s also a particularly sophisticated look for Women of A Certain Age, like Diane Keaton – who rocks a white shirt often and does it well.


If you’re looking to invest, Anne Fontaine is the way to go. The one with the asymmetrical collar is my favorite but comes with a steep price tag ($450!). Still, it is gorgeous and unique:

anne_fontaine_christie_shirt_white_zm anne_fontaine_nuage_shirt_white_zm anne_fontaine_palarina_shirt_white_zm

Thomas Pink is also a shirt superstar:


Eddie Bauer isn’t a brand I shop often, but I own this no-wrinkle white shirt and it is a champ (with a favorable price tag of around $50):


A short sleeve version from Boden that I just love:


Slightly more casual looks from Banana Republic and C. Wonder, respectively:cn7337403 9700_3402_1

I really wish I could have them all.