This Dress

Ok, this dress is totally worth adding to your summer wardrobe.

Full price at Tar-zhay is only $19.99, but through one of their many sales, I was able to score it for half price last weekend.

Trust me, even without a discount, this is a summer staple worth buying.

The fit is generous and overall forgiving, the fabric is soft, and the arm straps are perfectly suited to wearing an actual bra. 

After MGM (9) was born in 2007, I bought a similar version of this LBD during a bleary-eyed Target run where Size 1 diapers were my primary mission.

I don’t recall the price back then, but I got my money’s worth out of that dress.

I dressed it up and I dressed it down; it suited my post-baby bod until I was pregnant with Baby #2.

Eventually it was too faded to deem acceptable outside of my abode, and it was donated. Sniff.

Regrets followed, but setting it free was necessary.

And now I have this crisp, deeply dyed new version to start off my summer with style.

Check this out at your local Target. 



Cute Overload at Target

I had an unexpectedly quiet schedule yesterday and used the time to cross off several errands from my To Do list, including a luxurious, extended Target Run.

Normally I am frantically sweating my way through the aisles, but yesterday I had time to slowly browse through all of the goodness that is Tar-zhay.

One of the first things I tossed into the cart were these sticky notes:


Trixie (8) is going to love these rainbow and unicorn notes. The mini pads can mark things as “Magical,” “Awesome” and “Amazing.”

(I couldn’t find them on the Target site to link; argh).

This Cat and Jack girls’ shirt was also immediately in my cart. The only downside is that it doesn’t come in adult sizes, or Trixie and I could dress as twins.


I’m not exactly sure if this is a planter or a desk accessory, but I’m going to use it to store my fancy pens at work:


And finally, a jar of ponies. Because! A jar of ponies!


Some are even glow-in-the-dark winged unicorns:


Too cute to handle.

P.S. My Target list was only four items long and I left with a $177 tab. Sigh.








Beautycounter at Target

Last weekend I posted about trying Beautycounter, a non-toxic cosmetics line known for clean beauty.

During our family’s frantic weekly Target run, I found the Beautycounter display at the end of an aisle.

The Target collection was limited, but I picked up this lip gloss and blush set for $20.


The versions are smaller than the regular size, but that’s ok. They’re perfect for travel.


Lego banana dude photobombing in the background

The set included a code for a free face oil ($68 value) with a $100 purchase at

Bedroom Re-fresh, Part Deux

Yesterday I posted that I wanted to bring some spring into our (somewhat) dreary master bedroom.

To re-cap, the room is painted a dark charcoal gray and I wanted to add some bright yellow accents.

Initially I tried to find a yellow throw and shams, but I quickly realized I was delusional to think that this Toms collaboration striped throw would be available at our local Target store.


Apparently it sold out everywhere, right away. In November.

What I *did* find, though, was a set of yellow jersey sheets on sale for $20.

(The online price still says $40.99, but they were half off in store).

Here’s what they look like:


End result:

IMG_5848 IMG_5849

The Tiara Pillow is from the W Hotel Store and was a witty Christmas gift from Spouse to me. He knows me well!

Less than a minute after trying to style and shoot these photos, here’s what happened:

IMG_5850 IMG_5853 IMG_5852 IMG_5854

Trixie (5) decided the bed was eminently jump-able.

P.S. Here’s a picture of the small reading area near the bed. I usually sit there and sip wine, read magazines and “supervise” the kids while they take showers at night.





Merci Beaucoup!

I seriously fall short in most areas of etiquette, but one thing I am rather particular about is sending thank you notes. Old school, hand-written, stamped and snail mailed thank you notes.

And I like to have a ready supply of notecards available so I can dash one off at a moment’s notice.

I refreshed my supply recently during a marathon trip to Target, where I found these boxed sets:

14920524_201312121622_138x138 14920523_201311292118_138x138 14299933_121016223000_138x138

I also discovered that Target recently collaborated with Sugar Paper, a high-end stationer from L.A.

If you go now, you may still be able to get a discounted 2014 calendar like this:


Sugar Paper for Target Wall Calendar

I love the simple, sophisticated aesthetics at Sugar Paper. Like these notecards:


Raspberry Confetti Note Set, $18 for 6

But the prices at Sugar Paper are a bit steep.

Fortunately, Target’s done a great job not only of collaborating with Sugar Paper, but, well, also ripping off their vibe. They were selling a near-identical boxed set of notecards similar to the confetti ones above, save a more palatable price of $5.99 for 24.

Target also has some really cute paper goods in their $1.00 section, like these:

productimage-picture-to-do-list-841_jpg_155x140_q85 images-4

My love of list making often leaves me wanting more notepads, and I’m known for wrapping gifts in craft paper fancied up with a pretty satin ribbon. I think the polka dots really elevate the rolls pictured above. There are other cute notepads and labels, too. Get to Target and check these out before they disappear!