Suitable Alternatives

Remember when I said that my wedding ring was recently on the losing end of a battle with the garbage disposal? 


Yeah, that was a bummer. An uninsured bummer.

So, while I currently remain ringless, I am dreaming about some suitable alternatives.

First up, this stacked David Yurman ring. It’s one piece but creates the illusion of multiples.


I also like the idea of having these three delicate rings, each in a different metal (gold, platinum, rose gold), that could be worn separately or together. I think I like this better than the stacked ring above because of the styling versatility.

opt7 picture1 opt4

A slightly different version of the above, but with a more random placement of the diamonds. This Elsa Peretti Etoile band has been available for at least 15 years but I still think it looks modern and fun:


My friend P. has an anniversary band like the one below and I love the way it looks. Pro tip from her: make sure the diamonds circle the whole ring so that you can see it sparkle if she’s waving to you, princess-style.


A substantial gold and diamond number:


This is more of a cocktail ring, but I still love it, especially in rose gold:


And finally, this Roberto Coin panda ring is a big no but it made me laugh:


It’s $18,500 (!!!)





One More Thing, #21

Yesterday I wrote about classic jewelry pieces that are wardrobe staples for me, but I left out one favorite:



This Elsa Peretti bone cuff from Tiffany was a Christmas gift from Ever Patient Spouse about twelve years ago.

I still love its modern feel and perfect fit to this day. It really is a piece that epitomizes my style.

P.S. My eyes went out of my head when I saw the current retail price, which has tripled since I got it. A decent return on the investment, for sure, but I’m going to hold onto it forever.