What Do You Do With The Teeth?

After weeks of twisting it so much that it was hanging on by a single cell (I swear!), Trixie (6) finally lost her first tooth yesterday.

You would have thought she won an Oscar and a Nobel Prize at the same time, she was so excited.

But curious.


This note was placed next to her tiny tooth, which the Tooth Fairy miraculously remembered to exchange for ten quarters, the going rate for an incisor at Fancy Pants Ranch.

She even went to bed voluntarily last night – a first! – which prompted my own thoughts of raiding a dental office for extra teeth…

Happy weekend!

Tooth Fairy Fail



My BFF T. texted me last week that her daughter was devastated to wake up and find that the Tooth Fairy had not come during the night to collect her tooth.

Or leave cash.

I immediately texted back that I’d already been there, done that.

My solution for my Tooth Fairy fail was to have my son (then 6) discover a note after school that had been left in the guest room by the Tooth Fairy, saying that she couldn’t figure out which bedroom was his and that she’d try again the next night. 

And of course, that night I set my alarm for 2 AM and blearily exchanged the tooth for 10 quarters, which is the going rate at Fancy Pants Ranch.

Paranoia for a second failure usually now keeps me remembering to set that alarm when a tooth comes out.

I also keep a steady supply of quarters on hand so that I’m not scrounging between the sofa cushions.

For more organized parents, there are a lot of cute printable tooth receipts available online.


If shelling out cash isn’t your thing, here are 10 other Tooth Fairy gift ideas.

This tooth pillow from Etsy is also totally adorable.

If all else fails, try this excuse:


This made me laugh out loud!






The Tooth Fairy Cometh

MGM (6) lost another tooth last night, his fourth overall.

This time it was one of the front ones, and man, it was practically falling out for days before the actual event. It was wiggly and gray. Gross, I know.

Several months ago when he lost his first tooth, Spouse and I had a mini panic attack over the appropriate compensation for a single incisor. A survey of my wallet revealed ten quarters, so that was it. MGM was thrilled (“Mom! How many teeth does it take to buy an Xbox?“).

Last night I was exhausted, and the last thing I wanted to do was outlast him long enough to successfully play Tooth Fairy. I decided to set my alarm for midnight to do the tooth/coins swap, but soon it became apparent that midnight may have been an optimistic goal to get him asleep.

Because, naturally, his first task after bedtime was to build an elaborate trap for the Tooth Fairy. This Rube Goldberg contraption involved a shoe box, rubber bands, bent paper clips and some Lego figures.

I also suggested that he should put his tooth in a small plastic Ziploc bag so that it would be easier for the Tooth Fairy to find in the dark. (Those teeth are small!).

About twenty minutes later, I heard whimpering from his room. Turns out, his tooth “needed air” and this required ripping a hole in the bag. Lo and behold, the tooth was lost.

Lights on, covers ripped off the bed, and an exploration of the carpet turned up what appeared to be the tooth. “Found it,” I cried.

“Mom! That’s just a piece of popcorn!”

Huh. He was right. It was a small kernel of popcorn. My first thought was to wonder how I possiby confused popcorn and teeth (Really?), and the second was, wait, why does my six year old son have popcorn in his room? Is he running an underground movie theater in here? And when is “American Hustle” showing?

Tooth was eventually located, MGM fell asleep, and the swap was successful. He was so proud that he took a pocketful of quarters to school today and spent the evening admiring his new front gap in the mirror.

Score one for the Tooth Fairy.

P.S. The reason I have quarters at the ready is that my mother-in-law gave me a box of quarters last year for my birthday, just for Tooth Fairy appearances. I thought this was a great gift! I may co-opt the idea for friends with kids.