This upcoming weekend, we’re planning an overnight trip for the four of us.

I’ve posted about carry on bags before (and mentioned my ongoing obsession with luggage), but for quick jaunts a duffel will often suffice.

This bag is my go-to for one or two night stays:


The Longchamp Le Pliage bag is unstructured but sturdy. It holds a lot. I first saw an incredibly chic passenger with a well-worn Le Pliage on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard a decade ago. I still wonder where she was heading and what glamorous events her weekend entailed. I had to have one for myself! Alas, the Gatsby-esque lifestyle did not come with it.

A huge bonus is that this bag folds and neatly snaps together, so if you’re on a longer trip and planning to pick up a thing or two, you can stow it away until needed as an extra bag for the journey home. This is a good investment.

This special edition 2014 collab had me at rainbow:


I love, love, love that it looks like a 1970s TV test pattern.

If I’m going somewhere upscale and there is essentially a zero percent chance that my bag will either be checked (and manhandled by the luggage carousel) or out of my sight, this is my companion:


I love that mine has my initials stamped on the luggage tag.

Here’s a cheery bag from Kate Spade Saturday that I got for free as part of a promotion with Bliss Spa last year:


Not only is this bag cute, but there’s a separate compartment on the bottom for shoes and other stinkables. Check out the Saturday website where you can design a custom version of your own.

Here’s one with a similar feel that I’ve seen around and really like. I don’t have it, but it matches my personal aesthetic. The $120 price tag is also very appealing:


I recently was chatting with a fellow traveler at an airport and admired his suede duffel. This Everlane bag is similar:


Last but not least, here’s a fun Orla Kiely weekender that would be perfect for spring:


Striped Dresses

How cute are these two striped dresses?

Unknown images

They scream casual, effortless summer style to me.

The first one is from MiH jeans (Breton dress) and retails for $240.

The second is a steal from LL Bean for only $49.95.

Don’t dig dresses? You’re in luck! They both also come as shirts, too.

And here’s the perfect tote bag to carry with them:


It’s on sale at J. Crew Factory right now for only $39.50.

One More Thing, #14

Ugh. This No Online Shopping in 2014 Resolution is (figuratively) killing me. 

Last week I fell in love with the most perfect leather tote bag from Stanley and Sons, a smallish brand made in New York.

Here it is:


The size is generous and the riveted construction is superb. It’s not flashy at all. Truly, it’s perfect.

The bag’s style also has a similar vibe as the world’s best flip-flops, which come from the cool Abejas boutique in Houston.


I wish I had them in every color!