Fall Weekend


Yesterday was my last long-ish run before the marathon next weekend. 

And oh, man, am I nervous for next weekend.

The run wasn’t exactly bad, it just wasn’t good.

Four miles in, I asked myself why I was so ready to throw in the towel.

Was I physically unwell? No.

Thirsty? No.

In pain? No.

The answer came back that I just felt kind of bored. 

So I definitely need to spend this week getting into “Eye of the Tiger” mentality and get my game face on.

While I was off running, Spouse took the kids to a parade yesterday in our hometown, celebrating the week-long binge drinking event known as Oktoberfest. 

The kids came home with mountains of candy and other assorted ephemera like stickers and Mardi Gras beads.

And cheese.

You read that right: cheese.

Some group was giving away cheese slices along the parade route, and after more than a day of no refrigeration at the bottom of a bag of candy, I made the executive decision that the slices would be 86’d to the trash.

Hopefully no one will freak out too much.





New Sights

Several friends and Ever Patient Spouse all ran distance races last weekend, and many set PRs or competed for the first time.

Me? I was running around with the kids, attending two graduation parties, tackling Mt. Saint Laundry, and getting up five times during the night to appease our barky, semi-continent toy poodle. 

Doing much of nothing proved exhausting.

The low point was being awake from 2 to 5 A.M. on Sunday, when I failed to return to sleep after the third trip outside with the dog.

When overnight cable TV turned out to be unwatchable, I had a chance to catch up on people I know. Living vicariously through my friends’ social media posts was really inspiring. My good friend L finished her first half-marathon with an impressive time of 1:51. I was so proud of her!

It also prompted me to think about what’s next on my list. After a flurry of races in the first few months of the year, I found myself without a new goal in sight.

At roughly 4:37 AM, I signed up for a half-marathon in August.

At roughly 4:38 AM, I signed up for a marathon in October.

How am I feeling about this in the light of day? Pretty psyched.

This time I plan to use a marathon training plan developed by legendary runner Hal Higdon.

There are a variety of plans available, and I’m going to follow Novice 2. The plans are free, but there’s also an app available for $9.99, which I decided to buy. After entering my goal marathon date, it generated an 18 week training schedule.


Now it’s just time to get moving!