Turning Around a Bad Day

Yesterday was not a good day.


It. Just. Was. Not.

I won’t get into details, but one conversation at the start of the day turned my smile upside down.

Before this happened, though, I’d already had a few minor issues.

Starting with this:


I did not like my outfit.

Individually, I like all of the pieces. Especially this J. Crew necklace:


When I put it together, though, I didn’t feel like myself. I felt like a frumpy businesswoman. 

Maybe I am a frumpy businesswoman, but I prefer not to think that way.

(The rest of the outfit is a blouse from last season at Anthropologie and a jacket and pants from M.M. LaFleur, which is usually a solid go-to).

Note to self: ruthlessly cull wardrobe.

Next problem: I got hangry.

I was busy. I ran from one thing to the next. I didn’t have time to eat. I was under coffee’d.

Super Grrrrr.

But magically, it turned around.


I finished work and drove to the W Foshay Hotel, which was my destination for the night.

This is one of my favorite hotels, and one that I have stayed at many, many times for City Getaways, although usually with Spouse.

The only problem is that now my whole life requires living in a hotel, and the style of hotel for living on my own dime and one that I (briefly) visit for a holiday is vastly different. Now, I only stay at the W when I get an incredible deal.

But sometimes I do. Today was one of those days.

As I walked in, there was a red carpet set up in the lobby.

Hotel employees were lining the carpet and clapping to greet arriving guests.

Ok, I know this is some kind of hotel directive, but seriously, it is effective. 

 I walked that red carpet like I was Gigi Hadid.

(Did I mention there was a mini cocktail at the end?)

I checked in. I had a smile on my face. I told the desk host that the red carpet made my day.

But it didn’t end there.

I took the elevator to my assigned room and noticed that an adjacent elevator opened.

The hotel’s concierge exited and headed to my room. After a tiny moment of confusion, she told me that she had a delivery because this was my 100th night at this hotel.


Ok, this was awesome.

Champagne, chocolates and snacks, plus a personalized note for hitting my 100th stay.

It wasn’t just the alcohol – although, honestly, this blurred the dissatisfaction from earlier in the day – but it was the entire sentiment that made me smile from my head to my toes.

Life has not always been perfect or easy lately, but this made my day. 

Thank you, W Minneapolis!








One More Thing, #20

A few random things from the past week:

  • Trixie turned five! How did that happen? One of her gifts was this unicorn backpack, which she promptly gave a haircut. You can’t see what would be the unicorn’s flowing pink mane, but I’m sure you can imagine its current state. This unicorn’s now ready to report to Marine boot camp.


  • This is how I still think of her.

IMG_0019 IMG_0207 IMG_0322 IMG_0715


  • Ok, switching gears here, but this five-in-one hair treatment is absolutely awesome. It does a lot, which makes it perfect for traveling or the gym. A dime-sized amount is more than enough.


  • Speaking of traveling, I had to piggyback another trip on to the one where I was running races last weekend. This was for work; destination Atlanta. I was thrilled to score an amazing all-glass room high in the sky above the city at this hotel. These pictures don’t do it justice. 

photo 1-2 photo 2 


  • My friend L. recently gifted me with this Love & Toast Honey Coconut Handcreme, which has a subtle but nice scent and a perfect, non-greasy texture. I used about half the tube already.


  • The last thing is one more picture from Sochi. My brother-in-law safely returned home from his Olympic adventure and sent one final picture of rock art, which I can’t seem to get enough of.