Weekend Getaway

I’m finally off this weekend to my friend MA’s wedding in Vail, Colorado!


I haven’t been to the mountains in the summer in ages, really since I lived in Colorado nearly a decade ago, so I’m super excited about it all.

This is strictly a girls-only weekend for me, since Ever Patient Spouse is graciously staying behind to watch the kids and nurse his broken arm, the result of a 4th of July jogging incident gone awry.

I’m also jazzed to stay at this beautiful hotel with my friend K:


And, as always, when I attend a wedding, I’m going to find a way to obtain a second piece of cake.



Wedding Season

I don’t get invited to many weddings these days, mostly because we’re in a weird stage where a lot of people we know are already long-married (or no longer married), their kids aren’t old enough yet to take the plunge, and even most of our neighbors, coworkers, etc. skew to a similar demographic, meaning that they’re not getting hitched any time soon, either.

Once upon a time, though, we were in full wedding bloom. One summer alone, Spouse and I were in a total of six weddings¬†between the two of us and invited to even more. So we’ve definitely made the rounds and danced to “YMCA” enough for a lifetime.

The only wedding I’ve got on the horizon this summer is my dear, dear friend MA’s nuptials, set for next month in the Rocky Mountains. I can’t wait!

There was a great article in this month’s Glamour about wedding dos and don’ts.

My favorite tip, which was meant for the bride and groom:

Make sure to have at least one crazy drunk uncle on the dance floor, since an ironclad rule of weddings is that nobody ever notices or remembers the second-drunkest person.

Thank you to Drunk Uncles everywhere for allowing me to cut loose on the dance floor.

I also loved how they styled this pretty dress three ways for a beach, city or country wedding.







Sweet Sixteen

Today marks sixteen years since Ever Patient Spouse and I were legally hitched.


I had just finished my first year of medical school when we got married on a muggy, overcast day.

I’d been so overwhelmed with things like Gross Anatomy and the Krebs cycle for the past year that I didn’t have the time or inclination to be a bridezilla.

My dress cost¬†$300 and while I didn’t really like it all that much, at least it wasn’t scratchy.

(And I never found out what happened to it after the wedding; I think it got shoved into a plastic bag and accidentally tossed. Oh, well. I probably wasn’t going to wear it again).

Leading up to the wedding, we didn’t have any showers. Too busy.

We were living in two different states before the wedding and continued to do so for three months after.

A guy we vaguely knew got married at the same church right before us. The groomsmen were wearing Green Bay Packers vests and drinking Miller Lite on the church steps right up to the point that our guests started to arrive. A priest shooed them away with a broom.

The florist brought the wrong flowers.

But Spouse still says that he knew Everything Would Turn Out OK In The End when I laughed the flower debacle off. They’re just flowers!

How was the wedding? It was a blast.

The “professional” photos from that day don’t tell the story. We look stiff, pained. Spouse looked like he was wearing a bad toupee in many of them (he wasn’t).

But there was one shot, taken on a disposable camera by Spouse’s sister, that captured everything well.



Happy 16, Ever Patient Spouse! XOXO