Compression Socks

Last week I posted about workout recovery, and I can’t believe I forgot to mention compression socks.

I first saw runners wearing these in races about 5 years ago, and I mistakenly thought they were just channeling a retro vibe with knee-high gym socks like these:

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Instead, they were wearing compression socks.

Now, compression socks aren’t new to the medical industry. They’ve been recommended for decades for patients with chronic leg swelling.

The idea is that the (super tight) socks provide graduated compression that pushes fluid up from your feet and ankles toward your knees. This, in turn, promotes circulation and keeps fluid from pooling in the lower legs.

Translation: No more puffy cankles at the end of the day.

Athletes then started using them to promote recovery after hard workouts and improve performance during activities like racing.

My BFF T. gave me a pair of compression sleeves for my birthday a year ago, and man, they are awesome. Sleeves are like socks minus the toe/heel parts.

I wore mine over the weekend after a 15 mile run on Saturday – including while I slept – and on Sunday morning, I could have run 15 again.

I decided to get a few more pairs to mix it up and also have some to wear at work during long days in the OR.

These first two are from PRO Compression:

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These Sugoi ones are retro and high-tech at the same time:


Try them!