What Do You Call a Group of Turkeys?

Nope, not your in-laws and their extended clan. Ba da bum!


A few weeks ago, the coffee shop I regularly patronize made the Group of Turkeys question their Trivia of the Day, for which a correct answer garners 10 cents off a cup of joe.

For the record, a group of turkeys is a called either a rafter or a gang.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s some trivia for your holiday table tomorrow.

What do you call a group of …

  • Bears: A sleuth
  • Cats: A clowder (For kittens: a kindle)
  • Giraffes: A tower
  • Ferrets: A business
  • Hyenas: A cackle
  • Ponies: A string
  • Jays: A party
  • Owls: A parliament
  • Starlings: A murmuring
  • Storks: A mustering
  • Sharks: A shiver
  • Toads: A knot
  • Crows: A murder (Yikes!)





Tata Harper

I’ve been seeing Tata Harper Skincare around the web so much lately, but I didn’t break down and try it until last month.



The products are described as 100% natural and nontoxic luxury skincare.

In an interview about her product line, Tata Harper describes how women want to keep their skin “healthy, plump and glowy at all ages.”

I’d agree with that.

And with winter upon us, I’m loving face oils of all manner to keep my skin at its glowiest.

Tata’s line is pretty broad, so I decided to start with a Daily Essentials Discovery Kit ($68).

(There’s also an even more affordable introductory Try-Me Kit for only $11).

The packaging was really great! This is one of the box flaps:



The major bonus was the generous number of free samples that came with my order:


There were five samples in all.

My hands-down favorite item was this Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint in “Very Charming.”


The color is a perfect petal pink and the formula melts right into the skin and lips, making them look ever-so-much better than on their own. It’s also a perfect match with using face oil to achieve a radiant, natural look.

I had to order a full-sized version for myself:


This is my favorite new discovery.

Other products I am loving include the best-selling Rejuvenating Serum and Beautifying Face Oil. They smell incredible! I want to get so much more.




Holiday Binge

The Holiday Binge Season officially starts this week.

Except these binges aren’t going to ruin your waistline.

With holiday travel and – let’s face it – long afternoons to fill with “quality time” with long-lost relatives you barely know, you may be looking to occupy your interest elsewhere.

That’s where this list comes in.

Each one of these is a satisfying use of your time, and it’s ok to be a glutton once in a while. (These would also be great company during marathon gift-wrapping or holiday card writing sessions, not to mention your four hour layover in Detroit).


  • Serial. If you’re not already listening to this podcast/phenomenon, you’re in for a treat. Seriously, I am so addicted to this true crime story that’s being told one chapter at a time (ergo, “Serial”). The people behind it are also involved with “This American Life,” which I’ve mentioned before. It’s free to download the podcast but I would encourage you to donate to support Season Two.


  • Celebrity Mean Tweets. These clips from the Jimmy Kimmel Show are short and hilarious. I thought #8 (above) was particularly funny. Check out their crazy YouTube viewing numbers – 29 million!


  • Arrested Development. I am so jealous of you if you’ve never seen this. So jealous. I would love to go back in time and watch it for the first time. 


  • Orange Is the New Black. I have to slowly dole out my access to this Netflix darling, lest I go nuts all at once. You have my permission, though, to go nuts all at once.


  • A buoyant round of “Cards Against Humanity.” Yes, this card game was funnier and cooler last year, but it’s still a ton of fun. Select players carefully. Aunt Agnes may not get some of the references, and explaining them to her will just mortify you both.


Welckum Home, Mom

My heart burst when I saw these signs upon my return home from a work trip to Vancouver, Canada, last night:


My favorite is the trajectory of the celebratory return night, as depicted by Trixie (5):


What Mom does (quoting Trixie here):

  1. She comes home with sparkles. (!!!!)
  2. She eats pizza.
  3. She is happy.
  4. She goes to bed.

Yep, this night is playing out exactly as I’d hoped!

Truly, have an awesome weekend!

P.S. Bonus pic: Me depicted as a rainbow butterfly, with Trixie as smaller butterfly.


Goodbye, Vancouver!

It’s a rainy day as I wrap up my trip to Vancouver.


Since it’s been cold and drizzly for the past two days, I opted to run indoors on the hotel treadmill instead of outside. (I know, I know). I’m so glad I took the opportunities to run outside when I had them.


One thing that stuck in my head from the conference I attended this week was this quote:

Taking off is optional, but landing is mandatory.

This advice was meant for surgeons to pause and consider their strategy for successfully completing a surgery before grabbing the scalpel, but it applies to so many situations in life as well.

Have a great weekend!


Winter Accessories

Ironically, it was warmer in Canada this week than at home.

Living in Minnesota, I thought I had some serious street cred when it came to winter dressing.

But I will give it to Canadian retailers, who have elevated the art of merchandising winter accessories to a new level.

First up, the snood:

Unknown-5 Unknown-6 f14_05_030_54179_6046_off_f

  1. Club Monaco (the price is not for the faint of heart, but this is a very interesting knit)
  2. Club Monaco
  3. Aritzia (the drawstring detail makes this special, also comes in black)

 Banana Republic also has some pretty cashmere scarves. I like this blue one:


These BR gloves have a suede detail and zipper at the wrist:



While not technically a winter accessory, these J. Crew perfumes would also be good to wear now.

A8191_ED8483 A8191_ED8484

The one called No. 57 is spicy and particularly suited to winter.

Let it snow! (I guess).







Last night I had an amazing dinner with fresh oysters and salmon at a waterfront restaurant in Vancouver. By myself.


Would you go to a fancy restaurant alone?

Obviously, the answer for me is yes, but I recognize that this wouldn’t be in everyone’s comfort zone.


I can’t recall exactly when I started to feel ok being on my own in a public setting, but I remember going to movies solo at least as far back as college.

Now, I cherish opportunities to be alone.

Alone with no responsibilities.

Alone with no agenda.

Alone in my own head.

It’s quite peaceful.

If you can’t quite fathom this, the key to being on your own – and not self-consciously so – is to understand this truth: The person who cares the most about your drama is you.

Translated, this means that no one in the restaurant is looking at you. They’re eating dinner.

So go ahead and enjoy those oysters. You even have permission to get dessert!